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Each Breath a Smile

Each Breath a Smile

The breath is like a bridge that links the mind and the body.  Mindful breath soothes the mind and helps the body to stretch.  Pranayama or yogic breathing is useful in creating a supportive and calm state of being.  This improves attention to the present moment, enhances concentration, and relieves anxiety and fatigue. As the … Continue reading

The Breath of Joy

The Breath of Joy “One who half breathes, half lives” – Chinese proverb The Breath of Joy is energizing, uplifting and makes me grin like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland.   Because children’s hearts are open, they practice it with relish – completely harnessing the joyful, love-filled prana around them. Mostly we breathe into … Continue reading

t is for twist

    Partner Twists are so much fun! To begin, sit in front of your partner, with your legs crossed, your knees touching your partner’s knees.  Put your left hand behind your back.  Your partner holds your left hand with his / her left hand. Ask your partner to put his / her right hand … Continue reading

d is for dog

d is for dog: Begin on your hands and knees, with your hands just in front of your shoulders.  As you breathe in, tuck under your toes.  As you breathe out, press into your palms and your toes and lift your knees off the floor.  Begin to straighten your legs and arms to bring your … Continue reading

Hello world!

The sun, the sun, I salute the sun! I open my heart to everyone. The sun rises, the sun sets.  The whole world in my heart rests. Again I rise! Ready to live, happy to be, ready to give. The sun, the sun, I salute the sun! I open my heart to everyone.