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Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn

Review & A Way To Give Giveaway: Yoga for Children by Lisa Flynn

Originally posted on OMazing Kids:
Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children by Lisa Flynn Product Description:  Yoga for Children will encourage your child to learn about yoga with an attentive, at-home (or in-class or in-therapy) instructor–you! Even if you are new to the practice, author, mom, and…

Yoga and Arbor Month – September 2013

Originally posted on Yoga Awakening Africa News:
We at Yoga Awakening Africa just love this Tree friendly initiative by Food and Trees for Africa. So consider getting your yoga studio and students involved in planting a couple of trees in your neighbourhood to brighten and green-up your suburb. This upcoming Arbor Month, September 2013, a greening initiative…

Nothing Really Scary about Yoga

Originally posted on Radiant Child Yoga's Blog:
A few years ago, I was a guest on Hannity and Colmes Radio Show representing yoga for children in a “debate” with an author-lecturer who declared that “yoga was from the devil”.  It went well, with Alan Colmes taking the assertive lead and me holding steady to…

If I say I can, Yes I can!

If I say I can, Yes I can!

Children’s yoga uses affirmations during both challenging and simple postures.  By replacing negative “I can’t do it” with a simple affirmation like “If I say I can, yes I can!”  helps to boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Teaching your child positive self-talk from an early age helps her to feel better in tricky situations, create … Continue reading

What is on our Cosmic Wish List?

Originally posted on Radiant Child Yoga's Blog:
We are human.  We cannot help feeling the heaviness of the recent school shootings.  So I say to myself, “What can I do, energetically to make it better?”  I have come up with two ideas that feel noteworthy. 1.  We affect each other with our thoughts and…


HOME FROM HOME 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE. Award-winning Cape Town child care NGO Home From Home has teamed up with YogaWay Yoga and Pilates Studio in Newlands to raise funds to run one of their homes in Westlake in the Southern Peninsula. Click on the link above to find out more via the Yoga Awakening … Continue reading

New term, new schedule, new studios!

Children’s yoga school begins again on Monday afternoon, and this term sees the introduction of quite a few new classes as well as a new studio for the Wednesday afternoon group in Gardens.   What’s new on the schedule: YogaTots classes at Yoga Way in Newlands on Monday afternoons at 2.30pm Tweens classes at Yoga Way in Newlands on Thursday afternoons … Continue reading