y is for yoga classes are age-appropriate, fun and easy to follow.  Tots, kids and teens learn to stretch, strengthen their bodies, breathe deeply, concentrate and relax in a fun and non-competitive environment.  In the children’s yoga classes your child will develop correct body posture, build body awareness, limber-up and relax.

The y is for yoga classes always start with a connection exercise designed to teach kids how to connect with themselves, others and the world around them.  A connection exercise can be as simple the Shanti (peace) breath exercise designed for kids to send peace to themselves, their loved-ones and their communities.

Each lesson is centred round a theme or purpose: a story, building body awareness, crossing the midline (to improve and establish new neural connections between the body and the brain), building core and upper body strength.  Some themes are centred round relaxation techniques and concentration.

The end of each lesson is heralded by age-appropriate inversions and accompanied by relaxation and / or guided visualisations.

We always end the lesson by connecting again in a circle.  We discuss the theme of the yoga lesson, and what the children have learnt and finishing off by greeting each-other with the traditional Sanskrit Namaste.