Toni Westaway  Toni Westaway – Founder of y is for yoga. children’s yoga school

Toni has been practicing yoga since 1995, and qualified as a yoga teacher through Karma Shala Yoga School in 2008.  She went on to study and specialize in children’s yoga through YogaKids International – a teacher training programme endorsed by Deepak Chopra.

She is committed to teaching yoga to children, specifically because she believes that the amount of stress and pressure that our children are exposed to on a daily basis negatively affects their physical, mental and spiritual health. This can have lasting negative effects on their well-being and confidence.

One of the affirmations she teaches to the children is “Peace begins with me”.  This simple phrase helps our children recognize that they have the power to change the world: both internally and externally. Toni believes that giving human beings the tools to gain a strong body, respect and love for themselves, other people and the planet they live on from an early age will only have positive ripple effects in generations to come.

Toni feels both blessed and excited to be able to offer the y is for yoga® program to your children.


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