Yoga and Arbor Month – September 2013

Yoga Awakening Africa News

We at Yoga Awakening Africa just love this Tree friendly initiative by Food and Trees for Africa. So consider getting your yoga studio and students involved in planting a couple of trees in your neighbourhood to brighten and green-up your suburb.


This upcoming Arbor Month, September 2013, a greening initiative will be launched that will hopefully go beyond South Africa’s borders, the Trees for Africa Arbor Challenge!

The concept is to challenge all schools, communities, companies, government and individuals to plant and look after as many trees as possible in the month of September.

Food & Trees for Africa is developing a website with a very sophisticated, yet user-friendly, social platform for TREEthusiasts to register on a regisTREE where they will also be able to sign a TREEty.

Everybody is invited to register at You can also register through Facebook if you prefer.

Here you can interact with the site and others, and post your tree planting events. Once you have…

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