Nothing Really Scary about Yoga

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ginger yogaA few years ago, I was a guest on Hannity and Colmes Radio Show representing yoga for children in a “debate” with an author-lecturer who declared that “yoga was from the devil”.  It went well, with Alan Colmes taking the assertive lead and me holding steady to the integrity of yoga.

In that same vein, here is a reprinted article by Roger Carling Kelly, a natural health practitioner who has practiced yoga for more than 30 years.

Peopleused to think that the world was flat, that herbs were the work of the devil. People used to think, and still do that this global warming is all nonsense, and that Yoga is a religious cult that will corrupt and poison the minds of individuals.

Someone interviewed on the CBC a little while ago stated that there is God and the devil and that the devil comes in many disguises, and that…

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