If I say I can, Yes I can!

AffirmationsChildren’s yoga uses affirmations during both challenging and simple postures.  By replacing negative “I can’t do it” with a simple affirmation like “If I say I can, yes I can!”  helps to boost self-esteem and reduce anxiety.

Teaching your child positive self-talk from an early age helps her to feel better in tricky situations, create positive attitudes and achieve desired goals.  The gift of a healthy self-esteem is invaluable as it affects how she gauges her self-worth,  motivation, behaviour, attitude and emotional stability.

Dr Seuss is one of my favourite authors of all time, and his books are packed to the brim full of positive affirmations that motivate, uplift and gently guide us to healthy ways of confronting fears and difficult situations.

I have put together a Dr Seuss Affirmations yoga class and include some of my favourite quotes with fabulous postures that will stretch, challenge and calm children.  Join me and Anree Conarroe at SpiritFest on Sunday morning for this class.

Affirmations we will include are:

FoxInSox“With brains in my head and feet in my shoes, I steer myself in any direction I choose”

Fox in Sox Handstand.  Say out loud “I believe in myself!”

“Be sure when you step, step with care and great tact.  And remember that life’s a great balancing act”

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dancer’s Pose.  Say out loud “I am balanced!”

Of course, we will include so much more in this fun, energetic and engaging class.  We hope you will be there.

If you would like to start working with positive self-talk today, then consider doing this at home:

1. Create an affirmations poster with your child that she can put up in her room.  Litter it with short, clear, positive statements, all written in the affirmative and present tense.   I AM LOVED.   I AM PROTECTED.  I AM HELPFUL. are some examples.  Include pictures, use brightly coloured pencils and markers.

2. Create an affirmations box by decorating a medium-sized box with your child, and filling it with affirmation cards you create together.   Once the box is decorated, have your child (or you, if your child is too young to write) write the affirmations on the cards and decorate them.   You can spend a few minutes every morning with them to choose an IndigoDreamingaffirmation, get a feeling for it and say it out loud, at least three times.

Have fun doing it together, and remember to allow your to child choose the affirmations that resonate with him, as they will be the most effective and powerful.

3. Indigo Dreaming by Amy Hamilton has 49 guided meditations for children and each meditation includes an affirmation.  In fact, her guided visualization on the magic box is an affirmations meditation and is wonderful.

Love and light to you,



3 thoughts on “If I say I can, Yes I can!

  1. I LOVED this so much! I have used similar concepts in the classes I teach and the kids love it! It really is so empowering! Thank you for sharing, I hadn’t considered using Dr. Seuss before. I have had many cool inspirations for my own classes from reading your blog posts, thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Reblogged this on Playing From The Heart: Kids Connect and commented:
    Hi everyone! I just read this post from the blog, Y is for Yoga and it is so in line with what I do with Kids Connect that I wanted to share!
    If you have any books that have phrases that make you or your children smile, please share them and we can put them all together in our classes!!

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