What is on our Cosmic Wish List?

Radiant Child Yoga's Blog

We are human.  We cannot help feeling the heaviness of the recent school shootings.  So I say to myself, “What can I do, energetically to make it better?”  I have come up with two ideas that feel noteworthy.

1.  We affect each other with our thoughts and feelings.  Accordingly, when I feel the residual heaviness of this action, I let the feeling serve to remind me to turn it around. To  send a prayerful field of energy to everyone involved.  The field expands to include everyone on the earth.  Being human we share the same nature.  Victim and villain are parts we play in small and large ways every day.  Can we step out of that mode of thinking and realize we all play a co-creative part in how events play out?  And that we have a choice in the message we are projecting at every moment?

2.  Everyone who…

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