C’mon! Play yoga with your kids and see the benefits.

family yoga peace signFamily yoga time is a clever way of finding the time and space to have fun, relax and connect as a family unit.

Yoga games, storytime yoga, affirmations and breathing games are some of the elements you can expect in a typical family yoga class. The classes are centred around the children, and built for fun.  Previous yoga experience is not essential, and the class is open to the whole family: parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles – and of course, children.

Some of the  benefits of a family practice include:

  • Connections between family members are strengthened through partner poses and cooperative games
  • As parents we model behaviour and our children copy it.  By engaging in healthy activities such as yoga we model positive, healthy behaviours for our children.
  • Learn techniques to calm and quieten as a family, and take this off the mat and into the home
  • Have fun, get flexible and relax together in a non-competitive, safe environment

y is for yoga.® family yoga classes will be held once a month on Saturday mornings.  Please take a look at the details below, and contact Toni to make a booking.  Space is limited, and booking is essential.

Dates:  18 August, 15 September

Time:  9.30 to 10.15 am

Venue: Yoga Way Studio, Newlands

Cost: R95 for a family of four


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