Give them chocolate. Honest. It’s good for them.

There is nothing quite so wonderful as watching your wee one unwrap a delicious chocolate, and become totally absorbed in the glorious eating of it.  You know, though, that it’s packed FULL of the sorts of things that, frankly, are terribly bad for her (or him).  The question is: what kind of “healthy” treat will ever match that experience?

 The answer is, well…*cough*…chocolate.  Honest.  Honest Chocolate is hand-crafted from  100% raw, organic cacao, blue agave nectar and maca root powder.  That’s all.  None of the bad stuff.

Not only is superior in taste to the regular ol’ chocolates, because it’s raw your children (and you!) will REALLY benefit from the anti-oxidants and nutrients of what you are eating.

They are located in Wale Street, and you can find their products at the Neighbour Goods Market, Wellness Warehouse and a myriad of other stores in Cape Town.

Nom Nom Nom


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